My Celebrity Boyfriend is Gilbert Gottfried…


My hippie name is Flower.

My subconscious personality is German.

Can I pass a basic math test? (level 2nd grade)

I am 95% funny.

My real occupation should be therapist.

I know all the correct answers to the language quiz.

My spirit animal is orangutan.

My Disney Villain is Ursula.

My Disney Character is Goofy (natch)

The state I should live in is Texas.

My celebrity boyfriend is Gilbert Gottfried.

The house I should live in is Haunted…

Is this what Facebook has been reduced to? Quizzes, memes, quotes, and selfies?

I was looking at my news feed this weekend and out of 1244 friends, I bet only about 20 of them post consistently. It seems to have gotten quieter out there on the old book of faces and actually I have been as well. There are only so many pithy things I can think of saying on a given day. And I TRY not to post a cute cat video or some video that will make me ugly cry and ruin my Botox.

Are people actually getting their lives back???

Well, I did see a post from a friend who NEVER posts unless the fam is in Vegas with freekin CHANNING TATUM. (rant over)

But it seems like some of us are getting a little bored with social media. I know my Twitter participation is way down. I do love Instagram but mostly put fancy enhanced iPhone photos on there. I actually read a book last week.

A real book. Like one with pages and everything.

And that’s another thing. I don’t do Kindles. I have the app, I had a nook, but I found that I actually like turning real pages. I like to be able to skip forward back to figure out what’s going on. And I found that when I am on Kindle on my iPad, if I get to a boring part of a novel, all of a sudden I see that Facebook button and press there. Then Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. And by the time that happens I have lost interest and need to do some laundry.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking my quiet Facebook friends have cleaner homes that me.

But I got US Expert on the US History quiz.


How about you-are you on social media more or less?



  1. I’m on social media less. I’m bored with all of it.
    I’m also sick of my job, and sick of living in this state.
    So my situation may be on the extreme side. I hope.

  2. Omg.. I am so with you on this. Lately I’ve been off more than on but that’s usually the way it goes when the sun is shining. 🙂 I have limited my “play” time on line but that may pick up when the snow flies. I too am a lover of books, real, hold in your hands, turn the pages, smell the pages, books. I have a kindle. I love my books. I think a lot of my down time on line is also due to scheduling of real life, as in, I have one! However, there are those days when Facebook is the only way to get a hold of my kids! – First time to your blog. I’ll be back.. You’ve been warned.. 😉

  3. I think that the FB paid advertisements are taking up the feed and the real posts are getting pushed back. AND the drama that has played out on FB is over the top. I enjoy staying “connected” but there are a lot of “stalkers” that don’t share. AND the games…..I’m so over those requests! LOVE the positive and humorous commentaries.

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