Southern Ladies United Together (plural hah

What offends us most, why we still spank, why we would never be caught dead wearing white shoes after Labor Day, why we love Francis I sterling at dinner parties, why we get the ‘vapors’, why we partake of a good cocktail, why we NEVER go out in public without makeup, why we ant our kids to go Greek at college, and more. But hilariously funny-not prudes…..stay tuned…..

UPDATED!!! OK, OK, this is open to ANY lady who is SOUTHERN anything! Like, South Jersey, South North Los Angeles, South North Iceland-whatever!


  1. Hmmm… I guess I don’t qualify as a proper belle since I do make the one exception for tobacco products. But truthfully, I think my TX heritage disqualifies me as a genuine Southerner. I thought the fact that my great-grandfather was named after Lincoln’s assassin might get me in, but then I go and disqualify myself with my expectoratory tendencies. Damn. So close.

  2. I’m a northern girl with southern roots (great grandfather was from Charleston, SC) Picked up the family and decided to break away from the crappy north east weather and and cranky people. Moved to Charleston 9 months agor and haven’t looked back. Still not used to “sweet” tea. But loving me some FireFly vodka! Turning 50 soon and my family is well aware to stay away from me when “The Vapors” hit. And immediate death to any family member who changes the thermostat to a warmer climate. Get a sweater.

  3. Yay! I qualify. The only spittin I do is when I have to get rid of the gristle from my smoked ham hocks when I’m havin my beans and cornbread. Then if it politely into a napkin. I was born in a tiny town west of Atlanta in 1952, and bought a house just far enough from the Alabama line that I can say I still live in Georgia in 2011.

    I may be 61, and I may be a grandmother to 6, but I am still a southern girl at heart.

  4. I always thought SLUTS stood for Southern Ladies Under Tremendous Stress, but I like your version as well. I am a born and bred, corn bread fed Southern woman. However, I do not agree with Secret #50 as there are a “few” things that I will spit. This is the R rated version: the difference been likin’ and lovin’ is spitting and swallowing. I’m counting down to my 60th birthday this year. When I turned 50 I told my husband that I had spent the first 50 years of my life kissing everybody’s a** and I was gonna spend the next 50 having everybody kiss mine. LOL Go Tar Heels!

  5. I thought it was Southern Ladies Up To Something. At least that was the definition on the napkins my girlfriend brought to my surprise 40th. In a limo…with 10 of the very best SLUTS ever. That was almost 7 years ago and I cannot wait to pull them out and do it all over again! Thank you for a universal answer to the D*&# yankees and their snow nonsense.

  6. Being a barefoot tomboy used to offend my mom’s Southern side of the family. Hm…it insulted my dad’s upstate New York side of the family, too. Good thing it was standard practice for Alaskan girls. 😉

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